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laser tattoo removal!


We are a Laser Tattoo Removal Studio located in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

At Clear Canvas Laser, we believe in putting the safety and satisfaction of our clients first. 

Clear Canvas Laser was created to provide high-end, less downtime, and faster results, for those tattoo regrets. 

Each year, approximately 50 million teens and young adults across North America seek professional treatment for acne.


Cynthia H.

August 6, 2022

"Crystal was and has been amazing to deal with I've got many tattoos I want to remove and always heard the scare that comes with tattoo removal but she went above and beyond to show me what it's like and how it feels and honestly wasn't bad or scary at all. she's so sweet and experienced!! she gives you all the details and truly cares about her clients 🥰 I can't wait to get started on my removal journey!!"

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