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PICO Genesis™ FX

Laser light is split through a honeycomb structure, penetrating deeper into the skin, creating a natural regeneration over the 72-hour period after treatment. The result is skin that’s smoother, lighter, brighter, and better than ever.


What really makes Pico Genesis FX stand out is how effective it is on ice pick scars, fine lines and sun damage. Clients have reported seeing far more noticeable results than laser resurfacing and microneedling. It’s also considerably less painful than Fraxel, Tixel and plasma devices.

Clear Canvas Laser Removal

Your first step to a younger, more youthful appearance, or to fine-tune trouble spots, might just be a PICO Genesis™ laser procedure. Benefits of PICO Genesis procedure include:

  • ​Ultra-short laser pulses that leave skin looking radiant without redness or swelling

  • Dramatic results with minimal downtime and fewer treatment sessions

  • Ability to be used on the face and body to correct skin irregularities

  • Short sessions that last 20 minutes from beginning to end

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